Online Retailer Uses Facebook to Fight Charge back

If you are an ecommerce retailer, then you have inevitably wasted a lot of time trying to fight charge backs from your merchant account provider. So, here is a story I found at First Data which will make you smile:

An online company selling events tickets was hit with a charge back fee by a customer. Instead of waiting for the merchant account to investigate (as we know they probably won’t), the company looked up the friendly fraudsters name and then found her on Facebook. The idiotic fraudster had posted pictures of herself at the event which she supposedly hadn’t bought or received tickets for.   The merchant then pointed out this picture to the girl and she withdrew her dispute with the bank.

While this story makes me laugh, it also irks me. The woman should have been held criminally liable for her actions. Fraud – whether “friendly fraud” or not – is illegal!  It is the equivalent of online shoplifting, yet I haven’t been able to find a single report of a person getting punished for online friendly fraud (though there have been numerous arrests for online fraud like identity theft).

Ecommerce merchants shouldn’t have to take such creative measures just to fight charge backs.  Next time you catch an online friendly fraudster, PRESS CHARGES!


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