How to Set up a Facebook Store in 5 Steps

faYou don’t need a website to sell to your fans on Facebook. Apps now let small business owners quickly and easily turn their Facebook pages into ecommerce stores where transactions can be completed without requiring fans to ever leave Facebook.

Here is how to set up your Facebook store in 5 easy steps:

1. Decide if having a Facebook store is really in your business’s best interest. Facebook stores aren’t for all businesses (more on this here). You may want to opt for a Facebook storefront instead. With this option, customers will be redirected to your ecommerce website when they click “buy now” instead of having the transaction completed within Facebook.

2. Open a Facebook business page (your business should have one already for marketing and CRM).

3. Choose a Facebook store app. This is the most difficult part of opening a Facebook store.  F-commerce software providers vary drastically in which features they offer. These features can mean the difference between a highly-converting store and a store which isolates customers. Here are some of the features you should be looking for from F-commerce solution providers:

  • Can be linked to your ecommerce merchant account provider (many F-commerce solutions only support PayPal)
  • Customizable layouts and design options
  • Category filters
  • Product search
  • Customizable call to action buttons
  • Social share buttons
  • International support
  • Product import
  • Analytics and reporting for sales and social
  • Sales tax and shipping features
  • Security
  • Option level pricing (such special options for large orders)

4. Link your merchant account to the F-commerce software

5. Import your products and start selling!


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